Caid & Estrella - Land Allocation

Land Allocation for Estrella War 2013 is now available. This page is specifically for Caid.

Land Allocation will be open until February 10th, 2013

Who signs up?

If you live in the Kingdom of Caid, this is your land allocation form.

How it works

Caid will be providing Land Allocation Services only for the Kingdom of Caid.

Requests for land will only be accepted from groups of 5 or more [adult] persons and you must use the links listed on this page to register for allocation. Pre-registration is not required but it is encouraged as it will save you money and can increase the amount of land your group is allocated. Land will be allocated based upon the level of your registration. Those paying full price will receive areas of 250 square feet per person, those paying the Youth price will receive areas of 125 square feet (children for whom no fees are paid will receive no land allocation). Large groups who pre-register will get an additional 250 square feet for every 10 people that have pre-registered. Geopolitical groups will get preferential treatment and an additional 500 square feet for infrastructure items such as a great hall (dining area) and fire pits, provided that at least 5 adults have pre-registered. After Geopolitical groups, Land Allocation sites for household groups are first come, first served. Groups are asked to decide upon a single, central point of contact that is empowered to speak for the group.

Please note that Caid has been allocated a finite amount of land. If the number of land requests is exceptionally high, the allowances for infrastructure may be reduced. Be advised that I receive a report on actual pre-registrations (by name) from the Estrella War Autocrats. I will be comparing pre-registered numbers against total requests. If the ratio of pre-reg to non-preregged in a particular encampment is low, I will reduce the land allocation in those camps first.

The rules are as follows:

    1. Land allocation is for groups of 5 or more and is NOT tied to pre-registration, but there are benefits to pre-registration. Conversely, signing up for land allocation does not mean you have pre-registered for the War.
    2. To make the land allocation process work more smoothly, each group must designate one person to be the contact person for their group. This person must be pre-registered and be able to speak for the group. This person (the campmaster) must be on site as soon as possible. The campmaster is in charge of allotting land within their own encampment. The campmaster will need to supply their modern and SCA names, phone number and e-mail address. The campmaster for your group must enroll the group in the land allocation process, but individuals are responsible for registering themselves.
    3. Just because you have pre-registered for the war does not mean that you will automatically be signed up for land allocation. Once your group has been enrolled in the land allocation process, individual members of the group must then sign up to stay with the group. This will automatically send an e-mail to the campmaster, indicating your desire to camp with the group. The campmaster can then notify the Land Deputy if there is an issue.
    4. 1. Land is allocated only for those campers who sign up with land allocation. If you are a large group, you will want to have as many people as possible in your group participate in land allocation. If you have a group of 50 and only 10 sign up to stay with the group through Land Allocation, you will only receive an allocation for 10 people. It will be a very tight squeeze. Also large groups who participate in Land Allocation, will get an additional 250 square feet for every 10 people that have pre-registered (see above caveat).
    5. Geopolitical groups will get preferential treatment and an additional 500 square feet for infrastructure items such as a great hall (dining area) and fire pits (see above caveat).
    6. RV spaces are reserved separately. Please go to for more information.
    7. There will be areas set aside for open camping, these will be marked Overflow. These areas will not be allotted for any group. If you are camping with a group of less than 5 adults, this is where you will be sent. Please check with your local Geopolitical group (Barony, Shire, Canton, College, etc.) if you want to camp in Allocated lands.
    8. A map with Allocations will be available in Caidís camping area and at the front gate. The map Locations will not be published or provided beforehand. The map in Caidís area will be located in Land Office (a.k.a. Caid Royal camp) of Caidís camping land. Look for the banner.
    9. Land Allocation will close on February 10, 2013.
    10. Reservations for land allocation will remain in effect until 6pm Friday evening. If no one from your group has arrived by then, your group loses its allocation.
    11. Negotiation with your neighbors is encouraged and any unallocated land (NOT including Overflow) is considered shared by whoever borders it. Please, only take what you need. Knowing the gentility of Caidans, it is expected that all groups are willing to work with their neighbors to come to reasonable, agreeable conclusions when land disputes arise.
    12. Any groups found to be moving boundary markers or signs, or attempting to set up camp in a site allocated to a different group will lose their allocation and be removed from Caidan Lands.

If you have additional concerns, please contact Mistress Adelicia of Caithness at

Land Allocation Sign-up and Review


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