Caid & Estrella - Estrella War 26

Their Royal Majesties Patrick O'Malley & Kara the Twin of Kelton welcome you to the Caid & Estrella War 26 Web Site. We look forward to the challenge and know that Caid and Her allies will bring honor, courage and fun to the fields of combat!




Estrella War Pre-Registration - Pre-Registration closes December 30, 2009 for mailed submissions and January 17, 2010 for online submissions. REMINDER - LAND ALLOCATION IS NOT THE SAME AS PRE-REG.

Site Rules - Rules to observe while attending Estrella War 26

Land Treaty Map - Map of this years Land Allocation


Estrella 26 Caidan Royals - TRM Patrick O'Malley & Kara the Twin of Kelton

Estrella 25 Caidan Land Deputy - Baroness Adelicia of Caithness