Caid & Estrella - Estrella War 29 - Site Rules

It is always Caid's desire to accept and enjoy the hospitality of our neighbors to the east, the Kingdom of Atenveldt, and not become the proverbial three day-old fish while visiting Estrella War.

To that end, it is asked that all Caidans attending become familiar with the below regulations, and that you remember that the Estrella War is held on privately owned land, rented for the enjoyment of this event.

1. Attendees must abide by all modern laws, the "Governing Documents of the SCA, Inc" and "SCA Society Officer Policies", Atenveldt Kingdom Law, these Estrella War Site & Safety Regulations, and guidelines explained in this year's Estrella War Gate Book.

2. Attendees must follow instructions given by authorized members of the war staff, SCA officers, and onsite Emergency Medical Service and Law Enforcement personnel. Individuals who do not comply with these guidelines face immediate expulsion from the site without refund, and possible involvement of local law enforcement.

Site Closure:

The Estrella War site closes on Monday at 12:00 noon. Please be off the site by 2:00pm. EW staff and volunteers still tearing down the war are the only exception.

Alcohol, Drugs and Firearms

  • The drinking age in Arizona is twenty-one, and carrying, storing or using unlawful substances is a criminal offense. Serving or providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 is a criminal offense. Modern law enforcement agencies will be notified for all cases of underage drinking and unlawful drug use. Criminal acts warranting the notification of modern law enforcement agencies are just cause for expulsion from the site without refund of site fees. Anyone temporarily removed from site for alcohol-related activities may be expelled from the remainder of the event without refund of site fees.
  • Firearms are prohibited. Carrying concealed weapons (even with a concealed carry weapons permit), or possessing a loaded weapon (even in your vehicle), is prohibited. No brandishing of firearms is allowed. Exceptions for period firearms display may be granted by the Main Event Coordinators.

Site Tokens/Car Tags

Every person attending Estrella War is issued a Site Token (or Youth Token) at the front gate, and given a Car Tag for their vehicle and trailer.

  • Your Site Token is your receipt for entrance to the site. You may be asked by the war staff to show your Site Token and modern ID at any time, so please keep both with you. If you do not have a Site Token with you, you may be escorted to the gate to pay the entrance fee, or removed from site. Children under 12 must wear their Youth Token at all times.
  • Your Car Tag must be displayed clearly on your vehicle dashboard and on all trailers at all times. Vehicles and trailers found onsite without a Car Tag will be towed immediately at the owner's expense.
  • Attendees re-entering the site must show both their Site Token and Car Tag, so please be sure you take both with you if you leave. If you return to site without a Site Token and/or Car Tag, you must pay to re-enter the event without refund. No vehicles will be allowed to re-enter without a Car Tag.


Please review the site map when you arrive to be sure you understand the site road layout, and where to park while you unload and after you unload your things. A strict 60 min load/unload time limit will be enforced. Unattended vehicles and trailers found illegally parked will be towed immediately at the owner's expense. (Unless it is raining or just rained.) Unload your vehicle; take it to the parking lot, then set up your camp.

  • The speed limit on all roads inside the site is 15 MPH! Attendees who ignore the speed limit may be removed from the site.
  • Car Tags must be visible on your vehicle dashboard and on all trailers at all times.
  • Fire lanes and main roads must be kept clear at all times. ALL vehicles must be parked in a designated parking space and not along roadways.
  • Vehicles may not be parked on any of the main roads, main field areas, in designated "no parking" areas, or on the roads along the campsites.

Rules for Your Camp

  • Where to Camp: Camping is allowed in designated camping areas shown on the Site Map. If you are seeking a place to camp, ask for help from a member of the war staff at the front gate or one of the Land Coordinator(s) for a Principal Kingdom. Camping is not allowed on the Target Archery Field, or off the main property/site. The surrounding properties are private land, and law enforcement agencies will be notified if you setup an encampment there.
  • Grey Water: Grey water dumping from basic dish washing and solar showers is allowed within the camping area. For any Grey Water that contains potentially caustic chemicals (cleaning solutions/scrubs, brasso, windex, bleach, etc.) will need to be dumped in the Grey Water tanks located at privy stations. Please be aware of where you are dumping your water to make sure you are not dumping into another camp/tent.
  • Fire Extinguishers: The Fire-Marshall requires that your camp have a 2 lb- ABC rated (or greater) fire extinguisher outside each tent in an easy to reach spot. We also encourage having one located by each kitchen area and fire pit.
  • Litter & Campfire Ashes: Dumpsters and ash can receptacles are provided throughout the site. Please ensure that trash is placed in dumpsters (not in ash cans), and that ashes are cold to the touch when discarded! At the end of the event, you are responsible for leaving your camp area free of litter and for hauling away large items like rugs and any type of furniture. This is critical if you wish the SCA to have future Estrella Wars!
  • Digging & Trenching: No trenching around encampments or tents. No digging of "in ground fire pits."
  • Torches/Lanterns/Fire Arts: No open-flames are allowed, and "fire arts" performances not allowed due to Town of Queen Creek permit restrictions. All torches and lanterns must have a grill or mesh flue or be enclosed in some manner to reduce the chances of sparks and embers.
  • Camp Fires : Fires in camps must be attended and "off-the-ground" a minimum of one foot (with all embers contained) to ensure they are safe and of reasonable size. Fire pits must have a total fuel area of 3 feet or less in diameter, and 2 feet or less in height (Pinal County Clean Air Regulation). Bonfires are not permitted. Large unattended campfires may be cause for expulsion from the event without refund. Please keep flammable liquids (including all alcohol) away from fires and other open flames. Ash cans are provided at privy stations (ashes must be cold to the touch to be placed in an ash can). Receptacles for ashes are clearly labeled. Please be sure they are only used for disposal of ashes!
  • Tent Heaters: We cannot over-emphasize the lethal dangers of asphyxiation and carbon monoxide poisoning! Please use common sense when running propane heaters, ESPECIALLY in unventilated enclosures (tents). We recommend extinguishing heaters and lanterns BEFORE bedding down. Watch over your friends and your camp-mates. Invest in a battery operated Carbon Monoxide Detector for your tent.
  • Fireworks, sparklers, and all other incendiary devices are banned from Estrella War. This is due to the obvious fire hazards and dense population, but also would be in direct violation of our County Permits and Insurance Bonds. Anyone found using such devices will be ejected from the site. Due to cost incurred from the Town of Queen Creek for Emergency Service calls, there will be a minimum $750 call-out charge for ANY fire engine call to Estrella War. Failure to comply with Event Rules regarding fires, fireworks, and fire extinguishers will be cause for expulsion from the event without refund and possible involvement of local law enforcement. Charges for fire call-outs, due to individuals who do not comply with these guidelines, may be assessed to the involved parties.
  • Human waste from in-tent commodes/buckets must be disposed of in appropriate receptacles. If buckets/litter bags are found within the camping area and/or left by the privies the responsible party may be removed from site without refund of site fees. This is a health issue that must be observed at all times. Please appropriately seal off and dispose of these waste items appropriately.

Noise Curfew/Off Limit Areas

  • Camp curfews for minors: Minors 12 and under must be in their own camp or escorted by an adult from 10 PM to 5 AM, and minors 13 to 17 years old must be in their own camp or escorted by an adult from 11 PM to 5 AM.
  • A 2:00 AM noise reduction curfew will be enforced. Camps must limit loud drumming, chanting, singing, yelling, horns, etc. after that hour. This does not mean that all festivities have to stop completely at 2:00 AM, but it means activities and public behavior must be reduced so they are not disruptive for attendees in adjoining camps.
  • Battlefield and Archery areas are closed and off-limits to parties/pedestrians at Sunset. Only marshaled events (for example: archery night shoots or torchlight tourneys) will be allowed in these areas. There is a noise curfew for the battlefield area beginning at 10pm and must be observed until sunrise.
  • No playing in and/or around the canals. You must use the designated footbridges for all traffic over the canals.
  • Farm buildings, abandoned or not, and all orchards are strictly off limits. If found within these off-limited/fenced areas it may result in immediate expulsion from the site without refund and/or fines as designated by the site owner Mark Schnepf.
  • Horses are not allowed in designated camping areas, on battlefields, or on Merchant's Row. Equestrian riding is only allowed in the equestrian area and designated trails, and access to the equestrian trails is only allowed through the designated southern road entrance. At all other times, horses must be tailored to move them. This is a site owner restriction and will be strictly enforced.

Due to the high cost of trash collection and site clean up, the following trash and clean up rules will be enforced during the Estrella War.

Land Clean Up

  • All land is to be left in the same condition or better than you received it.
  • All personal items and trash must be completely removed from your camping area and a final inspection by your groups' camp-master and designated land agent shall be done. Items of special interest are tent stakes, firewood and cigarette butts.
  • Make sure that all tent stakes are removed from the ground. If you cannot remove a stake please clearly mark the stake and ask for help from a member of the Staff.
  • It is highly recommended that each group provide butt cans for your group.
  • All firewood is to be removed from site.


  • All trash items are to be placed in the provided dumpsters.
  • Absolutely no trash of any kind is to be placed next to your encampment or on a road. This includes, but is not limited to tents, chairs, rugs, tarps, coolers, wood, beds, tables, and beverage boxes.
  • Do not put trash in the ash barrels.
  • Do not put ash in the Dumpsters.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. All extinguished cigarette butts shall be placed in a proper waste receptacle, pouch, man bag, or fire pit. Butt cans will be place throughout site please utilize them.

Minor Children:

  • Attendees under 18 must be accompanied by their parents/legal guardians or a designated temporary guardian, and must have all paperwork required for attending with minors.
  • Camp curfews require that minors 12 and under must be in their own camp or escorted by an adult from 10 PM to 5 AM, and minors 13 to 17 years old must be in their own camp or escorted by an adult from 11 PM to 5 AM.
  • Minors and the accompanying parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult are responsible for the minor's behavior while they are at Estrella War , and will be held accountable for the actions of the minors in their care as explained in the "Kingdom of Atenveldt Policy for Addressing Transgressions by Minors at SCA Events" (copies available at Information Point) and the guidelines in the event Gate Book.
  • If a minor child is found un-accompanied or endangered, a report will be filed with the war Staff & The Watch. When necessary, local law enforcement agencies will also be notified. WARNING Any child found unattended in a closed vehicle or tent during the day will be 'rescued'. Even in the middle of an Arizona winter, the interior of a vehicle can quickly reach lethal temperatures.
  • Everyone under 12 must wear their Youth Token at all times.
  • If your child is lost, contact a war staff member for assistance.


The war staff knows FRS radios are popular for families and groups who wish to keep in touch during the event, but it is important to know which channels are reserved for use by the war staff and emergency personnel working to run the event.

Please be sure you and your children keep the staff-reserved radio frequencies clear, and that you limit your conversations on the family channels to the information you most need (so others can share the channel as well). Attendees who ignore war staff requests to clear a radio channel may be removed from the site without refund.

You and your family can use Channels 13, 14 or 15.

You can request services (be sure and give your name and location) on these channels:

  • Channel 2 Marshalls
  • Channel 3 Volunteer
  • Channel 4 is reserved for the Estrella War Staff.
  • Channel 5 Merchants
  • Channel 6 Troll
  • Channel 7 The Watch
  • Channel 8 Special Needs/Shuttlesa
  • Channel 9 Chirurgeon (First Aid)
  • Channel 10 Royal Liaison


  • Pets are allowed at Estrella War, as long as they are kept on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length, or housed in a closed, latched kennel throughout the event.
  • Owners are held accountable for their pet's disruptive behavior and noise. Local Law Enforcement authorities will be called to site to handle loose or disruptive animals.
  • Owners MUST pick up after their pets!
  • Pets must wear two forms of identification on their collars: The owner's legal information (name, phone, address, etc), and the owner's SCA name and group information (Kingdom, Barony, Group, Household) needed to locate the owner at the event. The Troll/Front Gate will provide wristbands for you to use as an SCA collar tag for your pet if you ask.<
  • Livestock (including horses, ponies, miniature horses, goats, pigs, etc.) are restricted to the Equestrian area and designated trails. This is a site owner restriction and will be strictly enforced.


Only authorized merchants may sell on site.

Media and Commercial/Documentary filming

Commercial/documentary video/film crews and commercial still photographers wishing to record activities at Estrella War may only film with prior permission from the Society Media Officer, and must follow the "SCA Commercial/Documentary Filming Guidelines" and the guidelines explained on the PRESS AND MEDIA page of the website.

Security / Lost & Found

  • The Watch at Estrella War is here to watch, look, listen and report. The main watching areas are the roads, parking and merchant areas. SCA volunteers are always needed to assist with the watch. Please consider volunteering by signing up at The Watch Point or through the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Found items should be taken to the Watch Point (unclaimed items will be stored there until the close of the event). Lost items should be reported to the Watch Point.

Breaches of these rules will be reported to the Kingdom Seneschal. Repeated breaches may result in sanctions by the Seneschal.

The Estrella War staff and the Kingdom of Atenveldt are proud to have Caid attend Estrella War. As hosts, they will do their best to enable us to have a safe and enjoyable war. They ask that we give everyone the same respect, courtesy, and civility we would want for ourselves. As guests, we shall do just that. We shall do our part to avail ourselves of their hospitality, but not presume upon it, while enjoying the party and then leaving the site in the same condition or better than we received it.

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